Larry FREAKIN’ Correia!

Just got back from the book signing. Holy Cow. It. Was. Awesome!

First off, Larry is hands-down the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s real humble, down to earth, and always willing to chat it up with his fans (and pretty much anyone else too). He’s also hilarious. No lie, we spent half the time  laughing our heads off.

And it turns out it wasn’t just a signing, but actually a really big event. Larry filled us in on a lot of his upcoming work (cannot wait for MH Legion!) and took questions from the audience. And he answered every single one, and in great detail too. Didn’t brush anyone off, or give a quick-and-done-next answer. Even answered one of mine, which I gotta admit was pretty awesome.

Then the signing. He autographed every single thing that was requested, and yes I do mean thing: someone asked him to sign their Kindle. The whole time, everyone’s cracking jokes, telling wild stories, just generally having a good time.

And yes, I realize this post had devolved into rabid-fan-worship. I don’t care. I’m a rabid fan, and Larry is just that cool.

Speaking of Wild Stories, I met a fellow member at the signing, goes by the handle of RevDisk. Now RevDisk has a habit of posting some pretty crazy stories on the forum that were supposedly true. Let me tell you, there’s nothing “supposedly” about them. They’re all true. And incidentally, I think RevDisk might actually be Skippy of Skippy’s List, aka The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to do in the US Army. I actually asked, as some of his stories sounded familiar. Now he won’t confirm or deny, but given his reaction.. Anyway, Skippy or no, RevDisk is another awesome guy, one who I’m glad to have finally met in person.

And finally, while I did take a camera, I completely forgot to even take it out of the bag, let alone get a picture of myself with Larry. Dangit! But, as proof that I did actually make it to the signing:

Larry, if you’re reading this, thank you so much. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you, sir. But please don’t wait three more years to do another East Coast book tour!



NYT Best Selling Author Larry Correia will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Willow Grove, PA (102 Park Avenue
Willow Grove, PA 19090) this coming Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. If you like pulp fantasy/horror, epic fantasy/alternate history, military thrillers, and/or guns, BE THERE!!!! Or else Agent Franks will come find you.

If you don’t know who Agent Franks is, shame on you. Get off the computer, procure a copy of Monster Hunter International, and educate yourself. Right now. Coincidentally, there will (almost certainly) be many copies of MHI available for purchase at the book signing.

Quick Grimnoir Chronicles Review

Sorry for the delay: this week’s been crazy. Between moving out of the dorm, prepping for graduation (which was this morning! I’m officially a college graduate!), and packing for vacation, I’ve barely had time to think, much less write the promised review of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic by Larry Correia.

Okay, so, Ultra-Short Review: Hard Magic is an Epic Sandwich Smothered in Awesomesauce. Run to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy. Right now. You won’t be disappointed.

Now for the Not-As-Short Review: Larry Correia has outdone himself this time. I never thought he could top Monster Hunter International. Boy was I wrong. Hard Magic truly lives up to its claim of being an epic fantasy. The story is filled with deep, multi-dimensional characters, sprawling locales,  vivid imagery, magic aplenty, steampunk elements, and of course, lots of kick-ass action. Come to think of it, I think Larry’s invented a brand-new genre with this book: Fantasy-Noir.

Probably the best thing about the book is the villain: The Chairman. This guy isn’t your typical epic-fantasy villain. He’s evil, no doubt about it; in fact, he’s really evil. The thing is, he doesn’t think that he’s evil. No, he thinks that he’s doing the right thing. Sure, untold numbers of people will die, many more will have their lives ruined, but in his mind that’s a small price to pay for trying to prevent what he sees as an even greater evil. This guy makes Correia’s other villains –  The Cursed One and The Lord of Shadows from the Monster Hunter series – seem like choirboys.

Backtracking a little bit, I mentioned that Hard Magic is like fantasy-noir. I know you’re probably scratching your head right now, but that’s really the only way I can describe the book. The story takes place in 1932, in an alternate-history United States where magical powers began to appear at random in the world’s population in the early 1800s. The United States and Imperial Japan are the world’s two main superpowers, while what’s left of Germany is pretty much a wasteland. The USA is protected by a series of huge Tesla Death Rays, and zeppelins are the primary mode of transportation across the country and around the world. And a secret war is being fought by two factions of Actives (those with magical abilities) The Imperium, led by the Chairman, and The Grimnoir Knights, led by John Moses Browning and General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing.

It might sound corny, but Correia pulls the story off masterfully. There’s no popcorn anywhere in sight.

If you like the Monster Hunter series, you will LOVE Hard Magic. Like MHI, this book will grab ahold of your eyeballs on Page 1 and won’t let go until the last page. Seriously, if you like epic fantasy or hard-boiled noir, or even if you don’t, go pick up a copy from your local bookstore or download it onto your e-reader of choice. You definitely won’t regret it.

The Postman Was Just Here…

…. and he left something awesome!!!

My signed copy of Larry Correia’s new novel, The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic has finally arrived! And I have a confession: when the package arrived, I totally geeked out (and freaked Mama Raptor out pretty good in the process…) Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Mr. Correia, have been ever since Baen first published Monster Hunter International, and I cannot wait to read his newest work. The timing actually could not have worked out better: my last final was yesterday, and I am 100% free until graduation. So guess what I’ll be doing this week…

Also, I want to give a big shout-out to Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, where I ordered Hard Magic from. Don Blyly and all of his employees are great people. This is actually the second time I’ve dealt with them; first time being when I ordered an autographed copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta (also by Larry Correia). Both times I’ve ordered from them, something has always come up with my credit card (neither time was Uncle Hugo’s fault, I think Big Credit Card Company doesn’t want me to read Larry’s books…) and both times Mr. Blyly himself has contacted me to let me know about the issue, and he and his employees have done everything in their power to correct the situation and get my orders out to me ASAP. I highly recommend them, and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Anyway, I’m gonna sign off now so I can start reading Hard Magic. I’ll post a review as soon as I finish the book.


No, it’s not the Nest that’s finished, though given the fact that I haven’t posted in a few weeks might lead y’all to believe that.

Some of my really long-term readers, and by long term I’m talking about back when I started the Nest, then called *Insert Title Here* back in 2006, might remember a rather poorly-written novella I posted up here by the name of More Than a Job. I started posting a sequel called Codename: White Knight (which I eventually finished, but never posted the whole thing) shortly thereafter, but eventually took both of those stories off the blog. Yeah, I’m paranoid, whatever.

Anyway, I’d always intended to go back and re-work More Than a Job into a full-length novel, but stuff kept happening (real life, school, me writing myself into corners, etc.) and I never got around to finishing it. That, and I kept getting fed up with what I’d written and starting over. The story changed radically over the years, with different settings, characters, even the plot itself wound up getting altered dramatically. But one thing remained consistent: I never managed to finish a first draft.

Until now, that is.

About 8:30 PM, I finally finished the first draft of the novel-length version of the story, now called Dead Reckoning. It’s actually an almost completely different story: aside from the name and occupation of the main character, and the very basic premise, Dead Reckoning is pretty much a brand-new story.

I’m definitely going to submit Dead Reckoning for publication, though that’s a few months off: I have to go back and edit the draft, and that’s a secondary priority until I graduate in May. Yep, college is almost over! I’m writing another novel for my Senior Seminar Project (writing majors don’t write an actual thesis) which is (tentatively) entitled Blood Stones. That’s my Number One priority in terms of creative writing write now. I’m planning on submitting that for publication as well once it’s finally finished. I’ve got the story pretty much ironed out at this point, so it should only take me a few months to finish instead of the five years that More Than a Job/Dead Reckoning took.

Second up is a new story I’ve just finished ironing out. This one is set in the Post-Apocalyptic America created by Mike Kupari, AKA Nightcrawler, over on WeTheArmed.Com. Mike’s an active duty Explosive Ordnance Disposal tech in the United States Air Force (in other words, he’s a Big Damn Hero) and has little time for creative writing, and as a result he won’t he won’t be able to play around in that world as much as he’d like (though he is slowly churning out a story set there, Nevada Sunrise), so he’s opened up the world to the other writers on WTA.

My PA story is tentatively called A Restless Soul, and will be a Western of sorts set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Since it’s Mike’s world, I won’t be submitting it for publication; instead I’ll be posting it on WTA. I’m planning on posting the first chapter in a few days, but it’s secondary to Blood Stones, so I won’t be posting new sections on a regular basis until mid May. I will post the link to the thread when I do finally start writing it.

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know where I’ve been lately (splitting my creative juices between Blood Stones and Dead Reckoning) and what’s up at the nest.




You may now officially refer to me as New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin’ Correia (via Monster Hunter Nation)

Can’t believe I forgot to post this!

Larry Correia’s newest book, Monster Hunter Vendetta, came out just about 2 weeks ago, and it’s already on the NYT Best Sellers list!!! Congrats, Larry!

Full review from me will be forthcoming…

Looks like I can now make it official: Monster Hunter Vendetta was number 27 on the New York Times Bestseller list. This is awesome. This is actually a really big deal in the publishing business. I didn’t think I’d hit the NYT anytime soon. It is really hard to make it on there, especially in fantasy. And usually you need to have written several books before … Read More

via Monster Hunter Nation

Monster Hunter International: Northeast

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of Larry Correia’s novel Monster Hunter International. Well, a couple of months ago, I eventually decided to plunge into the world of Fan Fiction, and I started (duh) with MHI. I’ve been writing MHI: Northeast since last… October, I think?, publishing chapters semi-regularly over at We The Armed.

One of the reasons I’ve switched over to WordPress was so that I could post stories I’ve written online, and I figured I’d give it a try with MHI: Northeast. It’s nearly finished: I’m 29 chapters in and have maybe 6 or 7 more to go before it’s complete, so I’ll be posting the completed chapter up here every day or two until the whole thing goes up (I should have it finished long before I run out of chapters)

Chapter 1 is already up. I’ll post Chapter 2 sometime over the weekend. Until then, enjoy!

Oh, and please feel free to leave feedback. Constructive criticism is most appreciated!