The Raptor is:

  • A Christian
  • An American
  • A Patriot
  • A Firm Believer in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • A Reader
  • A Writer
  • An Amateur Movie Critic
  • A Car Guy
  • A Train Buff

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there Raptor,

    I am with BulkAmmo.com and we are a fairly new company- things are going well and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in doing an ammo review for us.

    We just started carrying a wider range of ammo brands and are trying to get the word out about it. If we shipped you a box, would you be willing to give it a fair try and post a review about it?

    Popular blogs like the following have done BulkAmmo.com product reviews for me in the past:

    If you are interested, which product/calibers can you review?

    Thanks and looking forward to working with you,
    Semper Fi

    • Stephen,

      Thanks for the offer, but I am going to have to decline. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t actually own of have easy access to any firearms (long story) so reviewing ammunition is pretty much impossible right now. When I do acquire some firearms, I would be very interested in doing a review for you.

      Again, thank you for the offer.


  2. Hey man, fellow libertarian here. I’m writing a piece of fiction, and was wondering if you would like to read it. I’m so libertarian I’m almost anarchist-capitalist, but like you I cling to my rights, my guns, and my religion.

    The piece of fiction would be best described as “Ayn Rand writes a Discworld Fanfic”.

    The opening advertisement is below:

    Say hi to Runt!

    Meet Runt, a vat-grown pygmy troll in a world that is mix ‘n mash of modern day dilemmas with fantastic creatures. Dwarves forming labor unions, transgender elves marching in LGTB parades, goblins gathering for class action lawsuits, and trolls with assault weapons.

    Runt is a PT-DRVG (Pygmy Troll-Domestically Raised Vat Grown) Trooper owned by the huge corporate conglomerate Megacorp, a company so large that it split off from it’s parent nation (The United Nation of Good Guys and Heroes) after said nation became so bankrupt it sold half it’s land just to settle it’s debt! But a few years later, The United Nation of Good Guys and Heroes is bankrupt again! And this time there is no last minute buyer, nor can they afford to sell anything they have. So what are the Good Guys supposed to do? Why, take back the land they sold to those greedy corporate bastards in the first place of course, with violence if need be! But Megacorp doesn’t like this idea one bit, and it renames it’s tract of rent-able territories the Dastardly Dark Evil Empire of Baddies and fights tenaciously for what they feel their citizens have rightly earned.

    And stuck in the middle of it all is poor little Runt, a simple pygmy troll trying to figure out right from wrong in a world that has clearly lost it’s head. Separated from his unit, scared, lost, and alone, he meets strange allies and deceptive enemies.

    Get ready for Glacierwaif, Runt’s Odyssey!

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