A Quick Apology

Having come back to The Blog for the first time in… oh jeez… two years, I realized that my Blogroll and my List O’ Links were both horribly out of date. There were blogs and websites missing from each respective list, some blogs were either dead or had been taken down altogether, and there were new blogs & sites that I wanted to add.

Unfortunately, in the… oh jeez… two years since I last updated or edited The Blog, WordPress has changed its User Interface. Probably multiple times. To the point where I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit those lists!

So in the interest of not confusing and/or aggravating my readers, I’ve removed both the Blogroll and List O’Links completely until I can figure out how to edit and update the lists. If your blog or site was on one of those lists, my apologies for de-listing it.

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