It’s Not Over Yet

I’ve been seeing a common trend in my Facebook feed over the last twelve or so hours, since FBI Director Comey announced that the Bureau is not going to recommend filing charges against Hillary Clinton even though he all but admits she’s guilty as hell. Said aforementioned trend is posts declaring that “This is the end of Liberty,” or, “America is Over,” or, “RIP USA July 4, 1776 – July 5, 2016,” etc. and so on and so forth. You get the idea. The theme seems to be that Director Comey’s announcement marks the end of the United States of America as we know it.

You know what, doomsayers? You’re wrong. Know how I know you’re wrong? Because we’ve been here before.

No, we haven’t had a felon and possible war criminal about to become our next President, I’ll give you that, but I’ve heard this whole, “America is Dead,” business before. I heard it each time the Supreme Court upheald an aspect of Obamacare. I heard it when Obama was reelected. Heck, I heard it back when he was elected the first time. I heard it when the Patriot Act was renewed, and when the Patriot Act was first passed. I’m too young to remember, but I’m sure they were saying “America is Dead!” every time FDR got reelected, when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, and when he ordered the forced relocation and internment of Japanese-American, German-American, and Italian-American citizens.

That same doom and gloom message repeated for decades, and yet we’re still here.

Now are times good? Heck no! Things are pretty rotten in Denmark right now. And I can pretty much guarantee that things are going to get a heck of a lot worse in the coming months. But America, I believe, will ultimately prevail. Why? Because there are still Patriots and Lovers of Liberty in this country, men and women who truly believe in Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and Freedom and Justice for All. And they are willing to fight for those ideals. Not fight with the cartridge box (not yet anyway), but fight atop the soapbox, fight with the ballot box, and fight in the jury box. And, if you’ll forgive me paraphrasing a cheesy speech from a corny movie, we will not go quietly into the night. We will not give up without a fight. We will survive. We will persevere. We will win.

Make no mistake, things are almost certainly going to get very messy. Things might get bloody, though I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that. But Liberty is not dead. America is not over. Not so long as we are willing to fight for them. Defeat is only certain if we choose to accept it.


One thought on “It’s Not Over Yet

  1. Continued from MGC today. I may be misremembering or mistaken, check Kratskeller etc…, because there is a good chance the discussion hasn’t been erased.

    It sounds very much like what I vaguely recall from long, long ago, about Misty Lackey leaving the Bar. I have an extremely vague memory of something about a public message to the effect of a) differences of opinion regarding payment b) an assertion that this might be due to differences of opinion regarding a hot button political issue of the day, 9/11.

    Differences of opinion regarding contract details are fairly common in any business, and there’s lots of reasons for payment issues to be especially in dispute in publishing. I didn’t have any personal direct knowledge then, and I don’t have an opinion now.

    I don’t like Misty’s politics, and I assert that she is an apologist for white supremacist terror and mass murder. By the latter, I mean she is an Oklahoma Democrat, and I was irritated once. I think considering the Tulsa Race Riots and the evidence for continuity in the Oklahoma Democratic Party, there is enough to convict her by standards she has advocated for others. I’m not sure if the letter had anything to do with being irritated enough to assemble the argument I have just shared.

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