They Don’t Call ‘Em “Teufelhunde” for Nothing

It seems a would-be terrorist boarded an Amsterdam-Paris high speed train yesterday. He carried his bag into the restroom, pulled out an AK-47, loaded it, stepped out into the aisle, and attempted to massacre as many of the 550 passengers as he could. The operative phrase being “attempted to,” because a pair of off-duty United States Marines happened to be seated nearby. Reportedly, they heard the distinctive sound of the Kalashnikov being loaded and, being Marines, immediately sprang into action, quickly disarming and subduing the would-be mass murderer before he could actually murder anyone.

Unfortunately, one of the Marines was seriously wounded in the incident. Although both French and US authorities are saying that his injuries are not life-threatening, prayers for him and his family are nonetheless outbound.

The terrorist, by the way, is a Moroccan national with a very Arabic-sounding name that I won’t sully the blog with by posting it here. Makes me wonder if the Administration will try to pass this off as yet another incident of “workplace violence.”

Nonetheless, good on ya, Devil Dogs. Semper Fi. Oorah!

EDIT/UPDATE: Okay, it looks like the initial reports were wrong. There were three Americans, one Air Force, one Army Reserves or National Guard, and one civilian. Still, my remarks about them fighting like hounds from hell stands. Good on ya, Yanks. Good on ya.

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