…Resistance Is Futile…

I’ve been giving serious thought over the past several weeks to just giving up and unplugging.

From the media, I mean. Geez, what did you think I meant?

See, thing is, no matter where I go, no matter what outlet I tune into, I see and hear the same talking heads repeating (screaming? shrieking? bleating?) the same old mantra using the same old buzzwords and same old slogans over and over and over again. The only difference is what the focus of their righteous outrage and furious anger is this week. It usually changes week to week, but the buzzzwords and slogans and mantras never seem to change.

And then I go on Facebook (haven’t succumbed to Twitter yet, thank God), and I’m greeted with thousands of people caught up in the same righteous outrage and furious anger focused at the same target of the week, repeating (screaming? shrieking? bleating?) that exact same mantra using those exact same buzzwords and exact same slogans over and over and over again. Almost like they’ve lost the ability to form a thought or opinion of their own. All they seem to do is automatically follow the collective without thinking.

Today, it hit me: we are no longer living in the U.S.A., but rather the U.S.B.: the United States of Borg.

I’ll give my non-sci fi versed readers a moment to consult Wikipedia before I continue

Now granted, maybe I just watched too much TV growing up, but the more I think about it, the more it (horrifyingly) makes sense. The Borg Collective a hive-mind composed of billions, maybe trillions, of individual drones controlled by one (or more depending on how you interpret Trek continuity) Queen, who mindlessly labor to further the Collective in its ultimate goal of achieving “perfection.” Those who stand in there way are forcibly assimilated into the Collective or (according to later episodes & shows IIRC) completely annihilated if they are deemed by the Queen to be “unworthy of assimilation.” They even mindlessly repeat the same mantra in the same monotone over and over and over:

Does this sound at all familiar? Millions of drones mindlessly repeating the same mantra over and over? Following the whims, desires, and commands of a small number of elites without thought or question in pursuit of so-called “perfection?” Forcing others to embrace their leaders’ ideologies and beliefs or have their lives and livelihoods ruined? If it doesn’t, then I fear you either are not paying attention or have even been assimilated, maybe without even realizing it.

The Borg are upon us, ladies and gentlemen. I pray that it’s not to late for our society as we know it, that resistance has not yet become futile.


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