Quick Update: Still Here

I know, I know, I dropped off the face of the earth again. I actually have a good (I hope) reason for it this time: the Raptor Clan has relocated! Not gonna say where exactly (OpSec reasons), but we’re in a very nice area, so nice that it actually put a kibosh on my personal plans for the future because now I don’t want to leave! The move itself happened just about a month ago, and it went well… ish. Nothing catastrophic, don’t worry, and looking back it was actually pretty funny. Maybe I’ll write a post about it later on…

Posting is gonna be on the lighter side for a while (what else is new?) whilst I get myself orientated, situated, and gainfully employed. Yep, I’m free of the supermarket.  But I’m also free of a paycheck for the moment, and I need to rectify that ASAP. Doubly so because I’m now in an area that a) is pretty Second Amendment friendly, and b) has a large number (relatively speaking) of outdoor shooting ranges. So now I actually can justify purchasing a rifle. Unfortunately, that’s still a ways off since I need to find a job and a nest of my own first, so job hunting is gonna be my number-one priority for a while. That said, I do have a handful of posts that I was planning on writing before the big move happened, so look for those in the near future.

So, yeah, I’m still alive, still blogging (sorta), and not planning on going anywhere for a while. Thanks as always for sticking with/putting up with me.



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