Well, This Week Certainly Stank

So, the Tri-State Area got hit with a massive ice storm last Wednesday. You might’ve seen it, or at least the aftermath, on national news. I say “might’ve” because I can’t say for sure, as we lost power Wednesday morning and didn’t get it back until yesterday at around noon. Phones & Internet are still down; I’m sending this from the local library. We had a generator (of course), so we were able to heat the house, run the refrigerator & freezer, and keep our cell phones charged, but once the sun went down, that was it. We only ran the generator long enough to heat the house & cool down the fridge, and reading by candlelight/flashlight does a number on your eyes, so that was it. Boring. As. Heck. And I’ll never take a hot shower for granted again as long as I live.

That said, as much as I’ve loved to gripe about it, we made out okay all things considered. Like I said, we had a generator, so we had hot, fresh food. Which was more than can be said for most of our neighbors. Heck, more than can be said for most of the area. The default disaster responses for the area seemed to be a) find a food store or restaurant that had power and camp out there, and b) completely freak out and lose your mind. I swear, on Day 2, Mama Raptor was walking the dog when she was stopped by some woman who was going on and on about how, and I quote, “It’s the end of the world! Its the Armageddon! It’s the end! We’re all going to die!” Man, I wish I was making that up. And the kicker is that this woman was in a car, that was running, on her way to stay with relatives who had power.

On a more sobering note, there is at least one family in our area who lost everything. Literally. A tree branch came down in their yard and snapped the power lines off of their house. The lines hit the house and arced. The house caught fire and burned to the ground. We lost power for six days. They lost their home. Permanently. Think about that next time you can’t get online for a few hours or you have to take cold showers for a few days.

On a different, though not exactly happy note, I won’t be able to take my new-to-me SIG P232 to the range for at least a few weeks. Turns out that I bought a broken gun: the takedown lever had snapped. Fortunately, the shop sent it back to the factory for me, and I think I’m off the hook for the repair cost. Unfortunately, a bit of research has revealed that this seems to be a problem with recent-production P232s. SIG appears to be saying that the guns were manufactured “out of spec” thought they haven’t said exactly what that means. Speculation on the internet seems to be that either it was a bad batch of parts or that the holes in the frame that the lever fits into weren’t drilled in perfect alignment with each other. Either way, apparently the problem is limited to guns manufactured in 2012. Guess when mine was manufactured.

On the plus side, it does appear that SIG is offering to replace the takedown levers free of charge, and possibly replacing the gun itself if the problem persists. But I’m not the original owner, so I’m not sure how that would work for me. Oh well, call it a learning experience, I guess. I’ll keep you posted on how this all goes. It’ll be at least a week, most likely, before I get the pistol back.

In the meantime, I’m going to start bracing for another snowstorm. This one’s supposed to dump 6-10 inches of snow on us on Thursday. This is Snowmageddon Round… 11, I think. I’m getting the feeling that this is Mother Nature’s way of giving Al Gore the finger. If that’s true, Ma’am, could you please stop? He doesn’t live anywhere near here.

Until next time, peace. And stay warm!



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