Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the day that my family celebrates my entering the world kicking and screaming (more like squirming & whimpering), and as luck would have it I had the day off from work, so I decided to head to the range and treat myself to some full-auto fun. I planned to rent the MP5, or maybe the UMP9. Or a G36. Or M16. Or whatever caught my fancy when I walked up to the counter.

That didn’t happen.

See, what happened was, last time I went to the range, I spotted a CZ-83 in the used gun case for what looked like a screaming good deal. I thought it would make a good carry piece, but I’d never shot a straight-blowback .380 before. Fortunately, the range rents a SIG P232 which is also a straight-blowback .380, so I tried it out. I wound up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. However, I ultimately decided to pass on the CZ. Don’t get me wrong, CZs are good guns, and the price really was a screaming good deal, but it didn’t have some of the features I wanted (namely, a decocker) and it was nearly as wide as my P228, so I decided to walk away. But that P232, it had made an impression on me. So much so that I found myself actually considering it as a possible carry piece.

Fast forward to today. Like I said, my plan was to go to the range and rent a machine gun, but as I was driving down, I thought to myself, “Raptor, if there’s a P232 in the used case and the price is right, you should probably buy it.” Guess what was in the used gun case when I got to the range.

I rented the range’s P232 again, just to make sure I liked it as much as I remembered liking it. I did, and the price was pretty good, and I had the cash on me, so… yeah. I bought it.

It does a few cosmetic blemishes, but nothing major. Looks to all be honest wear, not abuse. Doesn’t appear to have been fired much either. Only came with one magazine, though, so I’ll have to buy some extras. After my wallet stops whimpering, that is.

Best birthday ever? Could very well be.

Until next time, peace!


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