To Glock, or Not to Glock? That is the Question.

(with apologies to Mr. William Shakespeare)

I have a confession to make: Glock is the one brand of handguns I didn’t want to like. They’re butt-ugly, the grip angle is all funky, they have that odd “safe-action” trigger, and their frames are *gasp!* made of polymer.

Admittedly, I have very limited hands-on experience with Glock. I first fired one back in… January, I guess it was. A buddy of mine has a Glock 17. We went out to the range together, and he let me put a mag through it. I wound up shooting it better than I shot my SIG P228, but I chalked that up to my really concentrating on the Glock’s iron sights. My buddy has a competition-style red-dot sight on his Glock, and the mount is fixed to the frame and holds the sight over the slide, so you can still see the iron sights under the mount. Anyway, I shot his Glock, liked it, but not as much as I liked my SIG.

Fast-forward to now. I’ve gained enough skill and proficiency in my shooting that I’m once again looking at getting a carry piece. Unfortunately, now I find myself facing not one, but two big snags. The first is the usual excuse/gripe: I still live with my folks, and Papa Raptor says I can’t have more than one gun in the house. The second snag is that Papa Raptor’s rules notwithstanding, I really can’t afford a dedicated carry piece right now, nor will I be able to in the near-ish future. So my carry gun would also have to pull double-duty as a home-defense & range gun. And while I still really like my SIG, like I’ve said before it’s just a tad heavy (it weighs right about 1.8 lbs empty) to lug around all day.

So I’ve been sort of half-heartedly examining other options, none of which I really liked. Checked out the Kahr CW9 some months back (review here), along with the Beretta PX-4 Storm Compact (didn’t like the design of the safety, and holster options are extremely limited), the S&W M&P9 Compact (just a little bit too small, couldn’t get all 12 rounds in the mag, actually had some trigger slap), various 1911s (weigh about the same as my SIG, different caliber), and a few others. All had their pluses and minuses, but none of them could really beat the P228 for me.

Enter Glock.

Last week, I drove up to Cabela’s on a whim. Didn’t buy anything (though I now understand how Jeff Foxworthy comes up with some of his redneck jokes), but while I was there I asked to hold a new Gen4 Glock 19. That was a mistake. The gun is just about the same size as my SIG, just a tad bit thinner, but it weighs a full half-pound less. And factory-standard magazines hold 15 rounds, 2 more than my SIG’s factory mags. What’s more, it pointed much more naturally for me than the SIG did. As I handed it back, I felt a knot form in my stomach as I realized something: I might actually like the gun.

So today, I drove out to the range, rented their Glock 19 Gen4, and shot it side-by-side with my SIG. Not both at the same time of course: a magazine through the SIG, then a mag through the Glock, then back to the SIG, etc. And wouldn’t you know it: I shot the Glock better than I shot the SIG. Basically, I realized that, in short:

  • The Glock does indeed point better than the SIG does for me.
  • Despite the unusual grip angle, the Glock fits my hand much better than the SIG does. Even better than the P229 with the E2 grip I shot a while back.
  • It weighs a half-pound less, but the Glock still has noticeably less muzzle flip and less felt recoil than the SIG.
  • Because the Glock’s safe-action trigger gives a consistent pull length and weight, it gave me better first-shot accuracy than the SIG’s DA/SA trigger.
  • Despite shooting my SIG at least every other week, and not having fired a Glock in about six months or so, I was much more accurate with the Glock.

So, in other words, much to my chagrin, the only negative point I can find about the Gen4 Glock 19 is that it’s not my SIG P228. The rational part of my brain is saying that since it’s clearly the better pistol for me, I should sell/trade the P228 and get myself a Glock. But the sentimental part of me is firmly against that. After all, the SIG is my first gun, which makes it special. I was planning on passing it down to my firstborn child when he/she turned 21 (assuming I have kids). The Glock… well, it wouldn’t be my first gun, so it wouldn’t be special. Could I pass it down to my kid? Sure, but it wouldn’t be as special.

So… be practical, or sentimental? To Glock, or not to Glock. That is, indeed, the question.


2 thoughts on “To Glock, or Not to Glock? That is the Question.

  1. Have you considered a revolver? I carry a Ruger SP101 in .357 magnum daily and with the right holster it’s very concealable and light. Round capacity is an issue but speed loaders are much easier to hide than magazines. Plus there’s always the .38 special option for the range. The option to shoot it in single action or double action will help your shooting a lot if one day you get another SIG.

    • Actually, I rented a Ruger LCR .357 this very afternoon, and shockingly, I liked it. Only ran .38s through it, but it was surprisingly comfortable to shoot. Definitely wouldn’t want to run full-snot .357s through it, though.

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