The Horror

My heart is broken.

I am horrified by Sandy Hill Atrocity, to the point where my words are ringing hollow. How can you put such emotion, such grief into words?

26 dead, 20 of them children, at the hand of a deranged madman, a coward who took his own life rather than face the consequences for his actions. I mourn for their families, their friends, their fellow students, coworkers, the entire town of Newtown, CT. I pray that God will comfort them in this horrible time, and respectfully ask that you do the same.

I am horrified by what I saw that day, by the murder, and by what has happened after.

Reporters shoving cameras into the faces of kindergarteners mere moments after the killings, asking them what happened, what they saw, what they felt, how they feel. Cameras in the faces of parents who had just been informed that their young child was among the dead, asking how they felt. And the faces of those reporters: translucent masks of feigned horror and grief that barely covered their glee at the ratings they knew their reporting would bring to their network.

Politicians, media pundits, activists, my own friends and coworkers, people on both sides of the Gun Control Argument, pointing at pictures of slain children, whose bodies were not yet cold, gleefully exclaiming “SEE? SEE? THIS IS WHY MY SIDE IS RIGHT!”

How dare you. Have you no shame, no respect for the dead, no common decency towards your fellow man?

How dare you exploit dead children, how dare you exploit grieving families, for your own personal, political, and ideological profit. How dare you dance in puddles of blood, gleefully celebrating the victory you know this atrocity will bring you. And how dare you lay the blame for this atrocity on the feet of The Other Side, instead upon the head of the coward, the psychopath, the demented freak, who committed it.

There is a time for argument. There is a time for discussion, for debate, for reason. But that time is not seconds after the atrocity ends, before families, friends, and the nation can even begin to grieve, let alone come to terms with that grief. And those who take advantage of those emotions for their own ends should be ashamed of themselves.

But that’s not the end. No, now there are individuals, including at least one Political Party Official, calling for all members of the NRA, and all gun owners period, to be rounded up and murdered as “payback” for the Sandy Hill Atrocity.

If you have been following this blog at all for the past month, you’ll know that I am a gun owner, so I take those threats very, very personally. I’ll save my personal response to those threats for another post, but right now I will say this: everyone who made threats like that, or even had that thought cross their minds for an instant: you too should be ashamed. Responding to the murders of innocent people by calling for the deaths of even more innocents does not put you on the moral high ground that you claim to occupy. No; it drags you down to the same level as that deranged madman whose acts have sparked your anger, and even lower still.

Enough blood has been spilled. How dare you call for more, and how dare you dance in the blood that has already been shed.

How dare you. How dare you.



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