SIG, SIG on the Range…

Took the P228 to the range today. Went to French Creek Outfitters in Phoenixville.

Honestly, not that much to report. French Creek sells cheap 115-grain CCI Blaser Brass FMJs as their range ammo in 9mm. I bought one 50-round box, and the SIG ate it all without so much as a hiccup. The gun came with one 13-round magazine, and I bought a new one (SIG-marked) at the gun show. I was able to load all 13 rounds into the used mag, but the spring in the new mag was very, very stiff. I was only able to manage to get 5 rounds into it at the most. I picked up an HKS magazine loading tool while I was there, but didn’t have the opportunity to test it. Next time, I guess.

Can’t really speak as to whether the gun is accurate or not, because I cannot shoot for beans. Basically, I have a very, very bad flinch. I know it’s not the gun, because I caught myself doing it a few times while shooting in double-action mode. My first round was a little high and to the left of the bulls-eye, but the rest of my shots, if I even got on paper at all, were almost all very, very low. The fact that the guy on the range next to me was running an H&K .45, didn’t help me any. Nor did the guy two lanes over with the 12-gauge Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

So… thoughts.

  • I love the SIG-Sauer P228
  • I need a ton of practice.
  • I was mostly correct in my original assessment of the gun: it does indeed fit my hands very well, though I think any thicker in the grip and I’ll start having problems. I guess I have small hands.
  • Given the so-far dead-nuts reliability the gun has exhibited, I’m not going to send it to SIG for their service plan as I’d originally planned.
  • I definitely need a .22LR conversion kit for this thing. 9mm is expensive, and .22 should help me get over my flinch.
  • Finding an outdoor range would probably be a good idea. Indoor ranges are loud.


Also, I’m very, very glad that I went to the gun show and bought the P228… because there was a gorgeous Browning Hi-Power Mk. III, nickel-plated with wood grips and the ring-style hammer in Very Good Condition sitting in French Creek’s used gun case for $625, and I don’t think I would have been able to help myself.


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