Well, It’s Official

I guess I can say this now, since it’s been official for just about a week: I now have gainful full-time employment.

I’m still with Big Regional Supermarket Chain, still in the same department, only now I’m working a full 40 hours a week instead of 30-ish, and I’m making about a buck more per hour too. So yay for that. Plus I’ll qualify for benefits & a retirement fund in a few weeks too (gotta stay with the company/position for a certain amount of time first). So double yay there.

What does this mean? Well, on the plus side, like I said, I’m making more, which means an apartment has suddenly become much more feasible, though I’ll still have to find a roommate. My own car and the insurance that goes with it has also become a possibility, though I won’t be able to even think about buying my Mustang or vintage GTO for a very long time. But I can wait for those: what’s important is that I’m one step closer to being completely independent from Mama and Papa Raptor. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family deeply, but I need to spread my wings and get out!

On the downside… holy smokes! How do you full-timers work five eight-hour days in a row every single week? I finished up my first week – actually only did four days so far, fifth day is tomorrow – and I’m freakin’ exhausted! And y’all seriously do that every single week for twenty-plus years? Yeesh!


2 thoughts on “Well, It’s Official

  1. congratulations, Andrew! that’s great, but i totally understand being exhausted. i just started my first full-time job on Halloween day and yep I’m pretty much a sleepwalker by the end of each week too lol. i don’t kno how people have a life outside of a 40-hour work week, but i’ll let u kno if i figure it out. again, congrats!

  2. Not just for twenty years, Raptor. It’ll be more like forty or fifty. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😛

    I just realized the other day that I’ve been working full time hours since 1991. Almost twenty two years now. Not bad considering that I’m only 38. Seems like it should feel like a long time, but it only seems like I was a teenager yesterday, and suddenly I’m a fogey now.

    Yeah; living like a “responsible” adult is exhausting sometimes. The trick is to get into a job that doesn’t wear you out, if there is such a thing. I’ve been blue-collar most of my life. I thought that an office job would be the way to go, but when I tried it, I found that between the office politics, sheer boredom, and backaches from sitting all day in cubicles and cramped offices that I was even more exhausted than driving trucks and working in warehouses. So I went back to the more physical jobs, and I’m much happier despite the somewhat lower pay.
    It’s good to get out there on your own, if only to show you how tough it is to do that. Personally, I wouldn’t be so all-fired anxious to leave home, especially if the folks don’t mind you living with them. You could save money easier, prepare for your life ahead, and get that badass car you want without worrying so much.

    Just my two pennies.

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