You Done Called The Wrong House!

So, a little background on this story: Pennsylvania recently passed a new Voter ID law, which basically says you need to show a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or other State-Issued Identification Card in order to vote. Naturally, the Libs are up in arms over the new law, and have filed suit to have it overturned, on the grounds that it will disenfranchise poor and minority voters, who either can’t afford a Valid Photo ID or won’t be able to obtain one before the election in November. Nevermind the fact that it only costs $13.50 and there waiting period is however long it takes to fill out the paperwork, but I digress.

So our story begins earlier this afternoon. I’m sitting in front of the computer catching up the most recent posts here on WTA when the phone rings. No name listed on the Caller ID, but there is a valid number, which means it’s not a Robo-Call. So I answer…

Me: Hello?

Jane Doe: Hi, is this Raptor?

Me: Speaking. Who’s calling, please?

Jane Doe: Hi Raptor, my name is Jane Doe, and I’m a volunteer with President Obama’s Re-Election Campaign. I’m calling to see if you have obtained your State-Issued Photo Identification, which will will need to vote in this year’s Presidential Election.

Me: Uh… wait… I’m sorry, I think I misheard you. Which campaign are you with?

Jane Doe: I’m a volunteer with President Obama’s Re-Election Campaign, sir. I’m calling to see if you have obtained your State-Issued Photo Identification, which will will need to vote in this year’s Presidential Election.

Me: I do have my Driver’s License, which is a Valid State-Issued Photo Identification, but I think you’ve called the wrong house, Ma’am. We’re all die-hard Republicans and Libertarians here, so none of us will be voting for Obama.

[At this point, I could literally hear the gears in her head grind to a halt. Not wanting to vote for Obama? That’s unpossible!]

Jane Doe: Uh, can I ask why you feel that way, sir? Is it because of the economy? Or his stance on undocumented immigrants?

Me: Well Ma’am, as I said, it’s because we are all hard-core Republicans and Libertarians, which means we are all 100% ideologically opposed to every single aspect of his campaign platform. So I’m very sorry to have wasted your time with this call.

Jane Doe: Okaythankyouforyourtimesirhaveagooddaygoodbye! *CLICK!*

Me: *hangs up phone and starts laughing*

I still honestly can’t believe that happened. I’m a registered Republican, as is every single member of my immediate family. Heck, to my knowledge, there isn’t a single registered Democrat in the entire Raptor Clan, so I have no clue where they got my number from. But I gotta admit, I enjoyed politely telling her off like that. Felt strangely satisfying.

At the same time, though, I’m kinda bummed; I was so surprised by the call I completely forgot to break out my “crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist” schtick. Oh well. I’ll just have to remember it for next time…


5 thoughts on “You Done Called The Wrong House!

    • Well, I disagree with him on the Second Amendment, abortion, taxes, government surveillance on US citizens, his handling of the economy, government bailouts, his position on Israel, his handling of the situation in the Middle East… and darn near everything else.

      • I guess the question is whether or not the Republican candidate, Romney, would handle geopolitics and government bailouts differently. I don’t think so, because Romney is all about the government trying to artificially prop up the rich/Wall Street so that they can continue to “create jobs.” In other words, he is not for true free-market capitalism and he is all about big government, which is socialist, but for rich people.

        So if you oppose Obama, then you should oppose Romney as well. Forget your Republican party affiliation and go with Third Party Libertarians, like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

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