What I Believe

Or: Why I am a “Paranoid Right-Wing Bitter-Clinging Prepper.”

Before I get started, I want to get this out in the open: I am writing this post for a select group of people. I’m not going to name them. They know who they are (I hope. )Why am I writing this? That’s between myself and them (though you can probably guess). However, I feel what I am going to say here is important enough to share publicly.

Now, with that out of the way: What I Believe.

Let’s start with the obvious: I believe that the United States Government is no longer interested in serving the Citizens of the United States, nor does it feel bound by the Constitution. I believe that those in power, on both sides of the aisle, are concerned only with consolidating, securing, and expanding their own power. I believe that they will not be satisfied until they are able to control every single aspect of the people’s lives and livelihoods, and they will not rest until the public is 100% dependent on the government.

Now, for something that may surprise you: this is not why I want to own guns, nor why I am going to start “prepping.” I am not calling for an armed insurrection/uprising/Second Civil War/whatever you want to call it. While I do believe that a shooting war between the Government and the Governed may happen, I hope and pray that it does not and that there is still time to avert it. Why? Because it is my firm belief that no matter who comes out on top in said shooting war, We The People will ultimately lose. Furthermore, I do not believe that the government is out to get me, or that the government will perform a “Hostile Takeover” with Black Helicopters and masked soldiers in the streets.

So why then do I believe so strongly in owning firearms and “prepping?”

Because I believe that the world is a dangerous place. I believe that Bad Things can, will, and do happen to people. I believe that to deny this fact is to delude oneself, and to fail to prepare for such events is grossly irresponsible.

When I say “Bad Things,” I don’t mean nuclear war, or the return of the Bubonic Plague or Black Death, or the Russians/Chinese/whoever invading and taking over, or an EMP attack shutting down the power grid, or The Apocalypse, etc. While I do acknowledge that such events may occur, the odds of any of them actually occurring are so low that I can’t pronounce them. What I mean by “Bad Things” are things like long-term unemployment, or a blizzard/hurricane/other violent storm disrupting the local power grid and/or supply chains for several days at minimum, or if the economy collapses.

A brief side-note: yes, I do believe that total economic collapse is a very real possibility. The fact of the matter is that we as a nation are trillions of dollars in debt, yet we continue to spend far more money that we take in. This cannot continue indefinitely. It’s simple economics: if you spend more than you earn, you will eventually run out of money. We cannot continue to sell our debt to other countries indefinitely, and if our creditors call in those debts, we will be unable to pay. When that happens, the economy will crash and burn. Hard.

That actually leads nicely into my next point. I believe that humanity is a fallen race, and that humans are, as a whole, self-centered, selfish, greedy, and violent. As a result, I believe that when a Bad Thing does happen, people who find themselves unprepared and unequipped, without food, water, and/or electricity, will try and take them from people who have them, even if it means hurting or killing them. I do not make these statements out of ignorance: I work in a supermarket. How does that make me an expert? Because I have seen what happens when normally-civilized people are deprived of things they “need.”

Take, for example, this past Easter. The day before Easter, there was a foul-up with our distributor, and our meat department did not receive ten cases of hams. As a result, while we were able to get hams for everyone who had per-ordered one, the store ran out of hams at approximately 6:00 PM. By 7:30, customers were on the verge of rioting. We had multiple reports, several witnessed by employees, of customers accosting other shoppers with hams and stealing the meat right out of their carts. A few fights had to be broken up. Never mind the fact that these customers had waited until literally the very last moment to buy the ham, never mind the fact that there were plenty of alternatives available; they had been denied “their” ham, and someone was going to pay for that outrage. It didn’t matter if that payment was going to wind up being blood and flesh; they would pay nonetheless.

And take, for another example, Black Friday. There are too many examples to choose from, but all you have to do is Google “Black Friday Shooting” or “Black Friday Stabbing,” “Black Friday Attack/Assault/Riot/Mob, etc, so on, and so forth.” People, regular, everyday people, attacking, fighting, and even killing each other over toys, or computers, or whatever the “big thing” that Holiday Season was. Trivial things, things they can easily survive without. Imagine what would happen if it wasn’t Christmas presents at stake, but food, or water, or electricity.

I believe that when a Bad Thing happens, those who were not prepared and have no supplies will, by necessity, seek out those who do have supplies. And I believe that some of them will try and take those supplies from their rightful owners, and some of them will use violence and lethal force to do so. And I believe it is my responsibility, as a man, to protect myself, my family, and property, and ensure that we survive.

Finally, I believe that there exists a certain subset, if you will, of humanity: those that have absolutely no regard for human life. Call them psychos, or sociopaths,  or monsters. Whatever. I believe that these people care about nothing and no one but themselves, and will not hesitate to kill others for little or no provocation; because they want your money, or your car, or your food, or you woman, or because they think you “disrespected” them, or for s***s and giggles, or just because. I believe these people exist, and they are out there. And as I said, I believe it is my responsibility to protect myself, my family, and my property from harm, by any and all means if need be. And above all, I Refuse To Be A Victim!

And one last note: I readily acknowledge that a Bad Thing might never happen, and all of my preparations might be for naught, but I would much rather have those supplies and not need them than desperately need them but not have access to them.

So, in summary, I am not a Bitter-Clinging Prepper because I believe that the Apocalypse is imminent of the government is going to “Take Over” or has some conspiracy lined up against me. No, I am a “Prepper” because I believe that Bad Things can and do happen, and that it is my responsibility, as a man and as a member of a family, to prepare for such an occurrence.


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