Laptop Situation = Resolved!

So Micro Center called this morning: they’d finished running their anti-virus sweep, and all of my files appeared to be intact. Drove down and picked it up as soon as I hung up the phone. Well, okay, not quite; puppy needed to go out for a walk before I could leave.

Anyway, took forever because the line was insanely long (and stupid people who don’t know a freakin’ thing about computers were arguing with the techs) but I got it back. Bought a back-up drive on my way out the door while I was at it.

So, got home, plugged her in and booted her up… and she’s running just fine. Better yet, all my files are indeed intact and right where I left ’em.

All that’s missing are my desktop and Quick-Launch shortcuts, but those can be replaced easily.

Now, first thing’s first: back up all of my important files, and download some good anti-virus software.


2 thoughts on “Laptop Situation = Resolved!

  1. I know that Norton might rock, but myself personally, I can’t tolerate the way it uses all of my ram and slows my computer down. I use spy bot, but that isn’t enough. Is there anyone out there who knows of an antivirus program that will not eat up my bank account or my computer’s capacity to function at a normal rate? Thank you for your time……

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