Raptor’s Gun Wants, Part 2

I was looking over my previous post that covered the list of guns I plan on buying, and realized I made a serious oversight. In the Priority One (“Need”) category, I said I only needed one gun, a Browning Buck Mark .22 LR pistol. Now that’s all well and good (and I received compliments for my choice) but I realize now that a .22 LR rifle is probably just as necessary, if not more so, for anyone to learn basic marksmanship skills with.

With that in mind, I’m adding a .22LR rifle to my list. I thought about the Ruger 10/22, but as I understand it, their quality level QC has been increasingly iffy as of late, and I don’t feel comfortable enough in my knowledge of firearms to try buying a used one. Plus a .22 semi-auto doesn’t strike me as all that exciting. And while I’ll admit that lever guns are cool, they just don’t appeal to me all that much right now. So I’m gonna go with a good old-fashioned bolt-action rifle. Specifically, this one:

A CZ 452 FS. The CZ 452 has the reputation of being an all-around excellent .22 bolt gun, and really excellent value for the money. And I’m one of those weird people that absolutely loves the look of the full-length Mannlicher stock.

The only potential problem I see is that CZ is slowly phasing out the Model 452 and replacing it with the newer Model 455. I’ve no doubt that the 455 is a good gun (the early reports I’ve seen leads me to believe it is), I’m just concerned that they won’t make the 455 with a Mannlicher stock. I know that’s probably unfounded, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up before that becomes an issue. And if not, then oh well, I’ll just have to content myself with a “regular” CZ 455. 😉


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