Oh I Wish I Was in Dixie…

Well, looks like Raptor’s headin’ down to Dixie this weekend… sort of, anyway. Depends on whether or not you consider Virginia part of Dixie Regardless, come Friday Noon I’ll be on AMTRAK bound for Williamsburg. Little Brother’s doing research at his college on Piezoelectrics. Don’t ask me what that is: all I know it involves something called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (again, don’t ask) and a really big electromagnet. I was an English major; this stuff’s way over my head.

Anywho, since he’s at school down there, I haven’t really seen much of him since Christmastime (two weeks in mid-May excepted), and since I might not have the chance for quite a while (I’m waiting to hear about a job interview) I’m headin’ down there this weekend. The plan is to take a tour of the campus – I got to dog-sit our little furball every time Mama and Papa Raptor went down to visit LB – and then, if we can make it work, go to Busch Gardens! I’m really excited about that (though not more than seeing LB again) since the last time I was at Busch Gardens I was too short to go on most of the rides, let alone the Roller Coasters. Alpengeist and Loch Ness Monster, here I come!

I’ll post an AAR and, hopefully, some pictures when I get back to Yankeeland.


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