New Addition to the Blogroll

Just want to give a quick shout-out to fellow blogger and author Nova, who blogs over at American Apocalypse. No, he’s not a member of an anti-government waiting-for-the-apocalypse death cult: American Apocalypse also is the name of the book series he’s writing.  The first 4 novels are available as ebooks, and AA1 was recently published in print form. I haven’t actually had the opportunity to read any of the American Apocalypse series, but Nova does have plenty of samples of his writing up on his blog. It’s good stuff. If you like the post-apocalyptic genre, I recommend giving it a look-see.

Also, I’d like to thank Nova for giving me a shout-out for my own post-apocalyptic work in progress, Restless Soul over on We The Armed.  Speaking of which, I haven’t abandoned that story yet, I promise. Stupid school’s keeping me otherwise occupied. Fortunately, that will change in a few short weeks…


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