The Bunnies are Back!!!

I’ve been a huge fan of Angry Alien Productions ever since nerdjedi first showed me their James Bond Medley I don’t even remember how long ago. For those of you unfamiliar with Angry Alien, they put out 30-second summaries/spoofs of classic movies performed entirely by cute little anthropomorphic bunnies. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last June, Angry Alien announced that they were closing down their 30-Second Bunny Theater and moving on to new projects. Thousands of fans, including yours truly, were crushed by the news. The website stayed up, but no new videos would be posted.

Well, I have good news. Angry Alien has apparently re-opened the 30-Second Bunny Theater’s doors and are once again producing new movies! *insert thunderous applause here* Their first film is Alfred Hitchcock’s mind-bendingly frightening classic, The Birds. Next up on the schedule is a reenactment of Freaks, a cult classic from 1932.

Enjoy, everyone!


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