No, it’s not the Nest that’s finished, though given the fact that I haven’t posted in a few weeks might lead y’all to believe that.

Some of my really long-term readers, and by long term I’m talking about back when I started the Nest, then called *Insert Title Here* back in 2006, might remember a rather poorly-written novella I posted up here by the name of More Than a Job. I started posting a sequel called Codename: White Knight (which I eventually finished, but never posted the whole thing) shortly thereafter, but eventually took both of those stories off the blog. Yeah, I’m paranoid, whatever.

Anyway, I’d always intended to go back and re-work More Than a Job into a full-length novel, but stuff kept happening (real life, school, me writing myself into corners, etc.) and I never got around to finishing it. That, and I kept getting fed up with what I’d written and starting over. The story changed radically over the years, with different settings, characters, even the plot itself wound up getting altered dramatically. But one thing remained consistent: I never managed to finish a first draft.

Until now, that is.

About 8:30 PM, I finally finished the first draft of the novel-length version of the story, now called Dead Reckoning. It’s actually an almost completely different story: aside from the name and occupation of the main character, and the very basic premise, Dead Reckoning is pretty much a brand-new story.

I’m definitely going to submit Dead Reckoning for publication, though that’s a few months off: I have to go back and edit the draft, and that’s a secondary priority until I graduate in May. Yep, college is almost over! I’m writing another novel for my Senior Seminar Project (writing majors don’t write an actual thesis) which is (tentatively) entitled Blood Stones. That’s my Number One priority in terms of creative writing write now. I’m planning on submitting that for publication as well once it’s finally finished. I’ve got the story pretty much ironed out at this point, so it should only take me a few months to finish instead of the five years that More Than a Job/Dead Reckoning took.

Second up is a new story I’ve just finished ironing out. This one is set in the Post-Apocalyptic America created by Mike Kupari, AKA Nightcrawler, over on WeTheArmed.Com. Mike’s an active duty Explosive Ordnance Disposal tech in the United States Air Force (in other words, he’s a Big Damn Hero) and has little time for creative writing, and as a result he won’t he won’t be able to play around in that world as much as he’d like (though he is slowly churning out a story set there, Nevada Sunrise), so he’s opened up the world to the other writers on WTA.

My PA story is tentatively called A Restless Soul, and will be a Western of sorts set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Since it’s Mike’s world, I won’t be submitting it for publication; instead I’ll be posting it on WTA. I’m planning on posting the first chapter in a few days, but it’s secondary to Blood Stones, so I won’t be posting new sections on a regular basis until mid May. I will post the link to the thread when I do finally start writing it.

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know where I’ve been lately (splitting my creative juices between Blood Stones and Dead Reckoning) and what’s up at the nest.




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