Warning! Liberals at Work!

Okay, here’s the story: I was driving home from campus this evening when I ran over a bunch of Republican campaign signs.

No, I did not deliberately jump the curb and mow the signs down.

Someone, I’m guessing a rabid liberal Democrat, had ripped the signs out of the homeowner’s yard, tossed them into the middle of the street, and replaced them with signs for the Democrat candidates.

Sadly, this appears to be the new par-for-the-course in my neighborhood. Two years ago, a guy near my campus had this huge (at least 5-foot tall) McCain-Palin sign at the end of his driveway. It was up for all of three days before someone slashed the sign to shreds. Just cut out the center of it and left the ragged border still standing. At least the homeowner had a sense of humor a bout it: the next day he had mounted a small sign to the remains that read “Obama supporters at work.”

This gets me thinking, while I do live in a fairly Liberal area, there are still a fair number of Republicans around here. And not once can I recall ever seeing a Democrat’s sign defaced or vandalized…

So I wonder: who exactly are the fascist paranoid anti-freedom types? Because it seems to me like only one side is trying to silence the opposition.


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