Free Time? What’s That?

Holy carp and other assorted fish! Just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier… the last week and a half happened. I kid you not, I had five papers and a newspaper article all due within three days of each other. And these weren’t kiddie papers either: they ranged in length from 4 pages all the way up to 10. So when I say I spent six days doing nothing besides writing papers, I am not kidding. And I’ve spent pretty much all of my time since playing catch-up on all the readings that I couldn’t get done.

So… yeah. Sorry about that; I kinda needed to vent. And explain why posting as fallen off the wagon yet again. Honestly, this semester’s turning into a real crazy one. When its all said and done, I barely have energy left to think, much less write blog posts. So I’ll be updating when I can, but I can’t promise a regular schedule until December. Sorry.


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