Okay, show of hands: how many of you like zombies movies? How many of you like good zombie fiction?

Well then, have I got something to show you!

Uprising is a brand-spankin’ new zobmie fic that is being posted over at We The Armed.com. The story was originally started by George “Mad Ogre” Hill and his brother Zach (Khorne over at WTA), but they’ve opened it up to all interested members of the forum. The idea is that we all give our own takes and relate our own (fictional) experiences in a common scenario, in this case a Zombie Apocalypse. At the time of this blog post, there are two contributors from Utah (Ogre and Khorne are following the same story line), two from Arizona, one from outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and one from just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yep, that last one is me.

We’re all posting our respective stories in serial format, i.e. we post one “episode” at a time. It’s a little bit confusing right now because since everyone started contributing at a different time, everyone’s at a different spot in their storyline. Right now, George and Zach are three or four days into the outbreak, SeanP is about one day in, while I’m less than an hour in. Once we get further into it, the differences should smooth out.

By the way, if any of my friends from campus are reading this, be doubly sure to check out the thread: some of you are in it! I know, I probably should have asked you before I wrote you in, but I was so excited at being able to contribute to the thread that I forgot. Sorry! Also, any of my college friends who are reading this who I didn’t put in the story and want to be in it, let me know and I’ll be sure to include you, either as a member of the survivors or as a Redshirt, your choice (prospective members of the survivors should also let me know what guns they’d like to have. After all, once cannot survive a zombie uprising without a healthy supply of firearms!)

Back on topic, Uprising is already full of awesome and is shaping up to be an epic-length story, one that I personally hope we can get published once it’s finished. I encourage all my readers to check it out. If you have even the slightest passing interest in zombies, you’ll love it. Trust me on that.


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