Goin’ Incommunicando

Well, it’s summer again (as if you needed another reminder), which means it’s time for the Annual Raptor Family Summer Vacation!!! This one’s special to us, as it’s our last one before Brother Raptor goes off to school, and also because it’s our first real vacation in two years, as we couldn’t got anywhere last year because our Grandmother was living with us.

Anyways, we be headin’ down south to the North Carolina-Tennessee border and the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. I for one am really looking forward to it. White water rafting (never done that before), hiking up into the mountains, Hush Puppies (a southern dish that I absolutely love), and what I expect to be my favorite part of the trip: The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad. I am a huge train buff, and given that the GSMRR is one of the premier tourist railroads in the US, I’m practically jumping out of my seat. Plus, it’s also where the famous train crash in the 1995 film The Fugitive was filmed. I’m a huge fan of both Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, so this is almost like a pilgrimage to me.

But unfortunately, the place where we are staying doesn’t have internet access. There’s supposedly a web cafe in town, but I don’t know when or if I’ll make it there. So basically expect me to be offline for the next week or so. Don’t worry: I’ll post lots of pictures when I get back!

Until then, peace.


EDITED TO ADD: D’oh! Forgot to mentioned that I uploaded the last few chapters of Monster Hunter International: Northeast. Enjoy, and any feedback y’all have would be most appreciated!


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