Annoyed Yet?

Came across this on the Internet just now and would have LOL’d, except it’s pretty much true.

I mean, really, what has the government done to combat the oil slick and prevent it from reaching land. The answer: pretty much nothing. It’s been nearly 60 days, but aside from yelling at BP and forcing them to make reparitions for the accident, Washington has done virtually nothing to combat the spill. Actually, they seem to be going out of their way to stop action from being taken. Obama has refused to waive the Jones Act, has told other countries (that have much more experience in dealing with this type of situation) that we do not want their help, and Washington has refused to let Louisiana take action on its own. I kid you not, Governor Jindal had ordered 16 barges be put in place to block of the slick, but the Coast Guard stopped them from moving into position. This was supposedly because the barges weren’t equipped with life rafts, but no one at the Coast Guard can say for sure that’s why the barges were stopped.

I know that I say this a lot, but once again President Obama is really frightening me. In this crisis, he’s actually reminding me quite a lot of a character from a Vince Flynn novel. Sherman Baxter, the Vice President from Transfer of Power. When faced with a monumental crisis, Baxter had no idea how to respond, , and turned to his own political cronies for advice instead of the experts, refused to let any action be taken without his express approval, and actively undermined independent efforts to resolve the crisis. As a result, the crisis nearly ends in disaster.

Am I the only one who thinks reality has begun, at least in some ways, to mirror fiction?


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