Another Childhood Dream… Crushed

Okay, first off, I apologize for the lack of serious posts over the last few days. Your humble blogmaster’s lower gastrointestinal tract has been going haywire. Methinks it is a virus. But I’m better now (I really hope so, anyway…), so posting should be back to normal… I hope…

Anyway, back on topic…

I’m probably going to lose what little reputation I have left by revealing this, but whatever.

When I was a kid, I liked fairy tales. I had tons of books (still think I’ve got a few left, actually) and, of course, all of the classic Disney movies. My favorite fairy tale, for reasons that have been lost to history, was Rapunzel. And I was always frustrated by the fact that Rapunzel was the only  “famous” (i.e. one that I liked) fairytale that hadn’t been made into a movie.

Well, I grew up, discovered Star Wars, James Bond, guns, muscle cars, and other manly things. But there’s still that little Inner Child inside me that still likes fairy tales. So (and here’s the part where my reputation’s gonna get flushed down the toilet) when I heard that Disney was finally making Rapunzel into a movie, my Inner Child was thrilled… along with the rest of me. Of course, my Inner Cynical Grown-Up just snickered and said that Disney was probably going to ruin it. But I didn’t – no, I wouldn’t – believe that. Then I heard that Disney had re-named the film Tangled, supposedly to attract “a wider audience” (probably boys and older teenagers), but I remained hopeful.

Then the first trailer was released. I found it online (via, one of my daily reads) last night. And I discovered that my Inner Cynical Grown-Up was right.

My Inner Child is going to crawl into the corner and cry now…


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