MHI Chapter 4

And here’s Chapter 4. Enjoy. Oh, and any feedback you guys have is most appreciated. (not sure if I said that earlier…)

Also, just as a heads-up, I haven’t decided to only use The Nest as a host for MHI: Northeast. I’m going to get back to normal posting pretty soon, but since I only have 3 or 4 chapters of MHI:N to go, and I want to write another novel (this one based on an original idea) before school starts up, I’m devoting most of my creative juices to getting MHI:N finished by the end of this week. Hopefully I’ll get something normal posted by then – I’ve already got an idea for a post – but no promises until after MHI: Northeast is finished. Until then, I’ll still be posting one chapter of MHI:N per day.

Until next time, peace.


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