On Arizona and Illegal Immigration, California and the American Flag

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you are do doubt aware of the huge storm of controversy surrounding Arizona and it’s new laws that crack down on illegal immigrants. Critics of the new law decry it as racist, as giving police the right to deport anyone who looks Mexican, and draw comparisons to Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow laws of the American South back in the 50s and 60s.

Well, I’ve got news for said critics: you’re all morons.

Yes, that’s right, I called you morons. You are morons because when you rant and rave about how EEEEEEEVIIIILLL!!!! and RACITST!!!! the new law is, it becomes quite obvious that YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!! and equally obvious that you HAVE NOT READ THE BILL THAT YOU ARE PROTESTING AGAINST!!!!!

If you had taken the time to read Arizona’s new law, (which our esteemed Attorney General still hasn’t despite having initiated a Federal review of it), you would have noticed that the law is an almost exact copy of Federal Illegal Immigration statues (Title 8, Section 1325  of the US Code, to be specific) The only major differences between Arizona’s Law and Federal Law is as follows:

  1. Arizona’s law has been adapted for the State level rather than the Federal level
  2. Arizona is ACTUALLY ENFORCING THE LAW!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing racist about Arizona’s law. IF you’d actually read the bill, you’d also notice that law enforcement cannot randomly stop people on the street and ask for their papers: they can only ask someone about their legal status if they have already approached them about an offense and have reason to suspect that said person is in the country illegally. At a traffic stop, cops always ask you for your license and vehicle registration (happens to me, and I’m white). If the suspect doesn’t have a license or the license is an obvious fake, that’s the indicator, not whether or not the person is a Latino.

So, so-called Supporters of Illegal Immigrants, get off your high horse, get off your fat, ignorant @$$es, and educate yourself before you go off spouting bull$#!^ on a subject you obviously know nothing about!

On a similar note…

Again, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, you are no doubt aware of the events at a California school on May 5, where several students were suspended because they wore shirts with American Flags on them. Apparently one of the vice principals at the school found said shirts offensive. A similar incident happened on Monday, where an art teacher called a picture of an American Flag offensive. Then there was this:

The students involved all said that they found the flag “offensive” and felt that it “disrespected them.”

To all those who find our flag, the very symbol of our great nation and what it sands for, to be offense, or feel that the country disrespects you, I have this to say:


No, I’m serious. Get the hell out of our country and don’t come back. If you find what this nation stands for to be offensive, if you feel that this country and its citizens disrespect you, why are you even here in the first place? If you think Mexico is so great, than fine! That’s great! Go back to Mexico! Hasta la Vista! If you don’t like America, that’s cool. Don’t live here. Open borders work both ways, you know. No one is making you stay.

Respect this or leave.

God Bless America.

Oh, and just a little food for thought:

In Mexico, illegal immigration is punished by two years in prison for a first offense, and ten years for repeat offenses. And foreigners (even ones in the country legally) are prohibited from taking part in any political activity, even flying a foreign flag. If they do, it’s an automatic deportation, and the offenders are prohibited from ever entering Mexico again.


3 thoughts on “On Arizona and Illegal Immigration, California and the American Flag

  1. AMEN!

    If the flag that our men died to raise on Iwo Jima offends you why are you living under our banner? Feel free to pick the country of your choice and leave post haste.

    I have a strange feeling that if enough of this crap keeps continuing there will be blood. If you knocked an American flag out of my hand I don’t know what I would do but it wouldn’t be pretty.

    Just the other day I had my scouts take down the flag that was flying over our meeting house. It had become tattered. Someone asked why we were taking it down. I said our flag is too sacred to fly damaged. We should have a replacement soon.

  2. I also find the actions of the school principal despicable, but if you proclaim your love of America so profusely, I would suggest that you shift your energy from concerns about treatment of a piece of fabric (symbolic or not) to concerns about the issues of free speech that the incident highlights. Far more important than a principal ‘demeaning’ the flag is that he chose to limit a student’s freedom to expression (a non-offensive, non-disruptive expression, to be sure). My point is that this is an issue where you could find a lot of cross-ideological support by simply channeling your energy towards the common issue of suppression of expression. It’s like this: many progressives may be upset by misuse of authority while many conservatives may be upset by the treatment of the flag. Rather than quarrel over tangential issues, join together to decry the trampling of the right to free expression and work to protect those freedoms. It is the rights and freedoms, not the symbols or attitudes, that lie at the core of defining America.

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