Paging Mr. Gore…

Please come to Philadelphia as soon as possible. The residents would like to have a discussion on “Global Warming” with you…

This is what the Raptor’s backyard looked like at about 4:00 yesterday. Only difference now is that the sun’s out and the snow has stopped. Oh, and there’s about See that little black smudge? That’s our gas grill. And to give you an idea of just how much snow there is, those railings are about 3 feet high. Right now, you can barely see them.

Classes were canceled for yesterday and today, so I decided to ride the storm out at home. Better than being snowed in my dormitory with a sick roommate (nothing personal, but I really did not want to catch what he had) Not that it makes much of a difference; still have copious amounts of homework to do…

Yeah, Global Warming. Ha. Ha ha. That’s funny. Al Gore can come up here and kiss my frozen @$$.

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