I Have Seen My Future

Today, I went to a street carnival in downtown Salzburg. Predictably, I spent far too much time and money at the shooting range booths (most of which were surprisingly honest, considering they were Carnies). One of the booths had both handguns and long guns set up, so I tried my hand at pistol shooting.

The pistol I picked was a Hammerli P26, which is a CO2-powered replica of the SIG Sauer P228. All I can say is “wow” Seven out of ten shots into a hole just under and to the left of the bulls-eye. The pistol fit my hand like a glove.

I’m buying one, a real one, as soon as I can once I get back to the US.

13+1 rounds of 9mm (15+1 if I buy some Mec-Gar magazines, which are actually cheaper than the factory mags), which is plenty of firepower for most situations, and the pistol is compact enough to carry on my person should I decide to go the distance and get a CCW Permit. Plus, they can be had used (but in very good shape) for less than $600, and SIGs are famous for their near-absolute reliability.

I have seen my future… and it is full of awesome.


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