MMM…. Cheeeeeseburgers….. *drool*

Came across this site on the interwebz today that I thought y’all might like.

Before I post the link, however, I must warn any vegetarians or vegans who might stumble across this: DO NOT CLICK ON THE HYPERLINK! YOU WILL BE HORRIBLY OFFENDED BY IT!!!!!

Okay, now that that’s all taken care off, the rest of you can go ahead and visit The Cheese & Burger Society, and their 30 different mouthwatering cheeseburger recipes. Here’s one example:

Okay, the screencap isn’t working for some reason, but the site looks normal.

Personally, I’m likin’ The Highwayman and The Mama Mia, but I’ll probably wind up trying them all at some point.

Thanks to George “The Ogre” Hill over at for finding this.


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