Saab Aquired by Koenigsegg? For Real?

I recently came across a rumor which claims that Koenigsegg, a Swedish car manufacturer, has recently annouced plans to purchase Saab from General Motors.

Not familiar with Koenigsegg (pronounced Cur-nig-zeg)? Not surprising, seeing as how they’re one of the hidden gems of the supercar community. Yep, you read that right: Supercar. They’ve been producing the CC-series of supercar (actually, it’s more of a hypercar) since 1998

This is their latest model, the CCX:

If this is true, than it’s really incredible. It’s like Porsche buying Volkswagen. Oh, wait, nevermind, that already happened. Okay, so it’s like Lamborghini buying out Volvo. Average-joe, everyday cars, only now with the genes of the fastest, most powerful machines on the road. Sweetness!


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