This Is Not The Country I Was Born In

Sorry about the lack of postage. I’ve been both busy as heck and sick as a dog for the last few weeks. Anyway, the workload has dropped off and I’m pretty much back to normal. So, without further ado…

Get a load of this. General Motor’s CEO, Rick Wagoner, has been forced to step down at the insistence of the Obama Administration.


And I qoute from the article: “A White House official told FOX Business that Wagoner was asked by the Administration to step down as a precondition for the company to continue to get help with its restructuring.”

Again, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?

The government is dictating orders to a publicly-traded, publicly-owned company. What right do they have to do that? This coming on the heels of Obama insisting that those AIG executives return the bonuses that they had been contractually bound to receive. What right does the government have to do this? Answer: None. And yet they are doing it anyway. In fact, Treasury Secretary Geithner wants to expand his department’s power so that it will be able to regulate “non-bank enterprises.” What exactly are those? He wouldn’t specify, saying only that strict government control-not oversight, but control-is the only way to save the economy.

Government control over business? That’s socialism.

It gets worse. A report that was released last week by the Missouri Information Analysis Center says that anyone who is pro-gun, anti-abortion, Christian, knowledgeable about the Constitution, supported independant candidates in the last election, or displays certain historic flags, should be considered part of a right-wing anti-government paramilitary militia. I’m not making this up. You can read the actual report here.

So, in other words, if you display the slightest amout of conservative or libertarian leanings, the MIAC and Missouri Highway Patrol feel that you are a terrorist. I’ve read reports, which I will try to locate again, that people who have displayed the flags mentioned in the report and who have Ron Paul bumper stickers have actually been arrested in Missouri and charged with possession of anti-government materials.

This is frightening, people. Government taking control of formerly-private and public enterprises. People who disagree with the government and exercising their First Amendment Rights being labeled as terrorists and arrested. A lot of people I know who used to be apathetic about the situation are running scared. One is scared enough that he has actually expressed interest in buying a rifle and stocking up on ammunition, and he used to be one of the most anti-gun people I knew!

Times are changing, people, and changing quickly. This is not the country I was born in anymore. I want that country back. So should you.


One thought on “This Is Not The Country I Was Born In

  1. Well, the government DID give GM a ton of bailout money, which means they own a portion of the company, this giving them a say in how the company is run. So that’s still kinda legit.The morale for companies: DON’T take government money. Ever.

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