Of All the Problems We’ve Got Right Now…

…and the Attorney General decides that this should be the government’s top priority?

Okay, now, please, don’t misunderstand me. Voting, to me, is absolutely our most sacred right as Americans. But the VRA being under attack? Come on! The guys who are filing this suit are right. Times have changed. The 1960s was a long, long time ago.

Honestly, this is what really irks me about people like Holder. Someone does something that doesn’t fit in with their agenda or political beliefs, and they cry racist. Somebody opposes one of their plans, they are labeled a racist. People vote for their opponent, they are said to have done so because they are racist. I voted against Barack Obama, so according to those people,I must be a racist (nevermind the fact that I would’ve voted for Conoleezza Rice in a heartbeat).

A few weeks ago, Holder called America a “Nation of Cowards” for not talking about the issue of race. There’s a darn good reason for that: every time someone tries to talk about race, people like Holder jump up and shout “Racist!”

You want people to talk about the issue of race, Mr. Holder? You really want people to talk about it? Then put the race card away. Let all voices, not just yours and your friends’, be heard. Let the past, and all those who suffered and died for the movement that opened the door for a man like you to rise to the position you now occupy, rest in peace.


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