Obama Expands Security Council

Check this out.

Obama wants to “expand the membership of the National Security Council and increase its authority to set strategy on a wide range of domestic and international issues.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Domestic issues? The Security Council was created, as the article points out, to advise the president on military and diplomatic issues. Both of which fall into the category of FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The National Security Council was never meant to oversee and advise on domestic affairs, but now Obama wants to change that stance, for purposes that he can’t/won’t disclose.

This raises a few questions:

  1. Why does Obama want to expand the Council? As a follow-up, who does he want to add?
  2. What sort of “domestic issues” would the Council address? As a follow-up, how do issues like energy and climate change relate to National Security?
  3. How much authority would this new Security Council be given, and over what?
  4. Who will oversee the Council?

This move, for me, seems very similar to his call to create a Civilian National Security Force from a few months ago. Again, the question is why? Why create a superpowerful, seemingly autonomous entity to handle “domestic” issues? What is Obama aiming to accomplish that he can’t do via normal, Constitutional channels? Again, the only answers that I can come up with are genuinely frightening.


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