Funny How These Things Work Out

Yeah, Justice Delayed is in a bit of a slump right now. I finally cracked 9,000 words today, so it’s just under half the length of the original More Than a Job, but I’m just now getting into the meat of the story (deliberate on my part.)

Honestly, I don’t really know why this is taking me so long. I guess that part of it is that I’m at a rather dull point in the story (yeah, I’m lazy and only like to write exciting stuff), part of it’s because I’ve already sort-of told this story once before, and part of it’s because I’m trying to decide between three different ways to take the story. but that’s not the whole thing.

I just… I dunno… Haven’t really been motivated to write. I know, I’ve had a stinkin’ month of no responsibilities or anything like that, yet I’ve hardly taken advantage of that time at all. In fact, the only times when I’ve actually thought out what I want to write next are the few times I’ve actually had something urgent I needed to do.

This isn’t new either; this is always how I write; it’s why it took me four months to finish the first draft of More Than a Job and five months for Codename: White Knight.


Funny how these things work out.


One thought on “Funny How These Things Work Out

  1. sorry. that sounds pretty rough. writing always seems to work like that – where you really want to write when you have the least time.btw, did you take the picture below?

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