The Ninja Will See You Now

For a long time, nerdjedi has been trying to get me to check out this web comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Now, when I say a long time, I’m talking about several months, maybe even a year. Possibly longer. Well, I took a quick look at it back when he first started telling me about it, and I thought it was dumb and didn’t make a lick of sense. What I didn’t realize is that I was reading the beginning of the second of a three-comic story arc. Silly Raptor. So, anyway, the other night, he got on my case about it big time, eventually sending me the link to the archives and the very first comic. So, having nothing better to do, I read it.

I really should listen to nerdjedi more often.

I like it. Not die-hard-fan-love-it like nerdjedi does, but I like it. It’s entertaining, it makes me laugh, it’s pretty cool. I think I’ll start following it. I’m really not into comics that much, but what the heck. It’s goofy enough that I like it.

If you’ve never seen it before, it’s worth checking out. Heck, it’s good for a laugh. Sometimes more than one.

Oh, (this has nothing to do with what I just wrote) by the way, I finished Without Remorse last night. Finally! I liked it, not as much as I did the first time I’d picked it up, but only because I’ve read the first 600 pages or so at least a half-dozen times.

Next up: The Bourne Identity. I’ve actually allready started it. As awesome as the movie was, the book is even better (naturally).


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