10 Things That Really Cheese Me Off

In no particular order…

  1. Che Guevera T-Shirts. This man helped to incite violent revolutions in Guatemala, Cuba, Gongo, and Bolivia, ordered the deaths of thousands simply because they disagreed with his political views… and you want to put him on a T-Shirt?
  2. Verizon. We upgraded to FiOS this week, which is cool, but now Verizon is calling us and telling us we ordered a whole lot of extra packages that we didn’t order and that we owe them more money that we really don’t. We’ll get it sorted out, but it’s still a royal pain in the @$$.
  3. Liberal Fanatics. I like a lot of Democrats. I have several good friends who are outspoken proponents of the Democratic Party. It’s the rabidly politically correct, bailout-everyone, ban-all-guns, Christian-muzzling, George-Bush-is-evil types that drive me up a wall. Especially the ones who refuse to even let the other side speak (This means you, Ms. O’Donnell)
  4. Christmas Carols in November. Don’t get me wrong, these seasonal songs have their place: the two weeks before Christmas. Not the day after Halloween. You want to start playing them after Thanksgiving, that’s fine. But 24/7 for two months straight? I swear, if I hear It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year or Have a Holly Jolly Christmas one more time, I’m going to completely lose it.
  5. The Big Three. They spend the last 30 years digging themselves into a hole, and now they expect Washington to bail them out at the taxpayers’ expense? No way, Jose. Maybe it they’d built cars that people actually wanted to own, they wouldn’t be in this mess.
  6. Nintendo Power. I used to really like this magazine. Heck, I’ve been a subscriber since the 5th grade. Since they switched publishers last summer, though, the magazine has really started to suck. Now it’s like almost every other generic game magazine; ads, a few previews, ads, a major review of a game or two, more ads, maybe an interview with a developer, even more ads, a lot of 2-paragraph micro reviews, still more ads, general bragging about how great they are, and, oh, did I mention ads?
  7. The Mainstream Media. Our economy is in the crapper, Somali pirates are hijacking at least one ship a week, Russia changed its constitution in a way that will allow Putin to remain in power, Venezuela recently purchased several billion in new weapons from Russia, yet these barely seem to rate a 30-second blurb while reporters camp out in front of a hospital for days waiting for Brangelina’s babies to be born. Plus, most of them don’t even bother to check the facts on their stories any more. Dan Rather ring a bell?
  8. Frivolous Lawsuits. Actually, people who won’t take responsibility for their actions in general make me mad, but it’s when they turn around and sue that my blood really starts to boil. If you spill hot coffee on yourself, you should clean yourself up, not clean out the company who sold you the coffee. My personal favorite: the couple who sued New York City’s Metro Transit authority after they were hit by a subway train while making out on the tracks.
  9. Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Two more magazines that I really used to like. I’ve been “borrowing” my dad’s issues of PopMech since I was 8, and I subscribed to PopSci since I was in middle school. However, that was before they went politically correct, i.e., green. Now, most of their articles are about some new technology that is going to replace fossil fuels or save the planet. I’ve got no problem with that, but there’s more to science than green technology, especially when most of it is either decades away or will never work to begin with. Even nerdjedi is sick of PopSci now.
  10. Writers who publish online but don’t finish their stories. Now this really cheeses me off. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come across a really great story on FanFiction.Net or FictionPress.Com or some similar site and follow the story for months, only to have the author suddenly abandon it for another story because they’re bored with it or suddenly got a new idea. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Finish the story, **** it!!! I want to know how it ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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