I Need Your Help!

I haven’t posted in a while, this is true. It’s just that… *sigh* I haven’t really been motivated. School’s been keeping me kinda busy (though not half as busy as nerdjedi. I swear, I’m in college and I don’t have half the work he has), but still, I have had free moments every now and again. I just… haven’t been inspired, I guess.

Okay, so now that I’m posting anyway, what do I have to talk about… ?

Well, I went paintballing over the weekend. That was a lot of fun (even if I did get shot a lot). Only downside was that I had to rent a marker, since I don’t play enough to justify buying one. The one I rented was kinda lousy, kept jamming and misfeeding. It’s a good marker if you take care of it (It was a Tippmann 98 Custom, if that means anything to you), but it had obviously been heavily used and the field probably hadn’t done regular maintenance on it. How do I know? I’ve played twice before at two different places, rented the same type of marker each time, and the first two times they functioned flawlessly. Yeah, if I start playing more, I’m definitely going to buy my own gear. That is, of course, assuming airsoft doesn’t become more popular around here, but I’m not banking in it.

The new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, comes out next month. Can’t wait for that. I’ve seen a few trailers, and it looks awesome. Even better than Casino Royale. And it looks like there’s even a halfway-decent car scene in this one, too. Sweet.

Anyone remember Codename: White Knight? Well, I finally finished it. I’m serious. I worked on it all summer, and I finished a few weeks ago. Its on hiatus for a while (still needs revisions), but having worked on it for nearly three months straight, I’m gonna leave it alone for a while. In the meantime, I’m going to be undertaking a major revision (actually more like a minor rewrite) of my other novel (and prequel to White Knight), More Than a Job. I’m also working on a brand new novel totally unrelated to the other two. Actually, I could use your help with that.

Okay, so in my new (as-yet-untitled) novel, the hero drives an old Pontiac GTO Judge muscle car. The only problem is, I can’t decide what model year he’s going to own. Specifically, I’m torn between the 1969 and the 1970 models. Which to you think looks coolest? Here they are:



I’ve put a poll in the sidebar, please vote on which car you like best. Thanks.

Oh, and I’ve also added a lot more to my review blog. Head on over and check it out.


One thought on “I Need Your Help!

  1. I really like paintballing, even though I’ve only been once. I should go again at some point. It’s pretty cool.I voted for the 1969 because it looks cooler.

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