New Reaction

It’s time Americans started using Common Sense. Get off your fat behind and work for change!


3 thoughts on “New Reaction

  1. nope. we elected an idiot and we’re going to have to live with it. what are we going to do? any suggestions?here’s one: how about we don’t elect another rich white republican? despite his marital issues (which have little to no impact on what kind of president he is), bill clinton actually achieved a budget surplus. george bush’s war, however, has cost and will continue to cost 10 billion dollars a MONTH, and nearly 3 trillion overall. maybe a democrat would help the economy more than a republican who wants to continue the war for another century.

  2. Yeah… lying under oath at a deposition during a civil lawsuit. I can’t imagine anything worse than that. Deceiving the public to start a dead-end war or revealing a CIA agent because her husband criticized the administration don’t bother me, but jeez, lying about your sex life. wow.

  3. btw, i hope you know these comments are nothing personal. it’s just not often i get to argue with someone informed who says intelligent things, and i like taking advantage of the opportunity.

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