Okay, you all remember my Ugly Car post, ja? One of the cars mentioned in said post was the new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, which I criticized for its headlights and funky windshield.

I take back everything I said about it.

I have to: I saw one today. No, I’m dead serious. Spring Lake, NJ, about 11:30 PM, driving south along Ocean Ave.

Man, pictures can’t do that thing justice. Yes, the headlights and windshield look odd. But it doesn’t matter. It is drop-dead gorgeous! Anyone who says otherwise needs their head examined (myself included). I only hope Sir Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, wherever they are, can forgive me for my warped views….

Yet another entry onto my list of dream cars.

One thought on “Correction

  1. That’s funny. You never see one in your life, and then you notice one in New Jersey.It’s like when you learn a new vocab word and suddenly it’s in all your favorite books.

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