Remember What This Day Is All About

It’s not about getting the day off from work.

It’s not about a killer sale at some store.

It’s not about an all-day movie marathon.

It’s not about grilling burgers and hot dogs and drinking beer in the back yard.

It’s not about concerts or fireworks.

It’s about this:

It’s about the great nation that this flag stands for. It’s about the ideas and ideals that this flag represents. Most of all, it’s about the men and women who have been willing to give their lives in defense of those ideas, those ideals, this flag, this country. Never forget that.

Happy Birthday, America. May God continue to shed His Grace on Thee.


2 thoughts on “Remember What This Day Is All About

  1. I appreciate the Veterans Day stuff you put up, but I think July 4 is less about America and more about fireworks.P.S. You spelled remember wrong in the title.

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