At the Dentist

I just got back from the dentist’s office. Had to get two little cavities filled. Nothing I really could have done to prevent them; the doc says that they were way in the back (which was true) and that they were in spots that are darn near impossible to reach with a brush or floss anyway.

I could describe what I’m feeling right now, but I think that Bill Cosby can do it far better than I possibly could, particularly about what happens when they stick you with novocaine:

So I have to read King Lear for Western Civ, and I brought the book with me to the dentist’s office. We wind up having a brief discussion about Shakespeare before he goes to stick me. Right when he goes to stick me with the mother of all needles, he says “Be nor afraid, I mean you no harm.” To which I reply; “Yeah, right. It’d be a bit more convincing if you weren’t holding that giant harpoon. Now I just have to wait for that mother of all needles to wear off, and I’ll be able to feel my face again


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