Updatin’ Again

Quasimodo’s got something against me. Not sure what, exactly, or why, but Jeff says he does, so I guess I gotta believe him. Don’t think this will become a habit or anything like that.

I’m kinda psyched because the paintball club (yes, we have a paintball club at my college) is going skirmishing this weekend. This’ll be the first time I’ve gone skirmishing in about a year and a half, and the very first time I’ve gone outdoors. Since this’ll be outside in the woods, hopefully I’ll do better than I did last time. Take it from me, US Marine Corps small-arms close-quarter-combat tactics, when applied to speedball, are good for one thing and one thing only; getting your team quickly and utterly slaughtered. They do work outdoors, however, so I’m betting that I’ll do a decent job this time (i.e. at least get a kill). I’ll let you know how that goes.


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