Hot Foot!

So, yeah, I was sitting on my sofa this afternoon, reading a book, when I hear a helicopter flying over the house. No big; planes and news choppers fly over us all the time. So then my mom, who’s out on the back deck yells that I should come outside and see this. So I run outside just in time to see a CH-53E Super Stallion fly over our house. Mom goes back inside, but I think I hear another one, so being the military aviation nut that I am, I stay outside on the deck. Sure enough, about fifteen seconds later, another Super Stallion flies right over me. Cool, yes?

Okay, I know you’re all thinking ‘Why should I care?’ Well, it’s a very warm and sunny day today, our deck is made out of a composite plastic-wood material (please don’t ask; I don’t know) that does a swell job of retaining heat, and everything happened so fast that I ran out onto said deck with bare feet, where I stood in the hot sun for a good minute while the helicopters flew overhead. So to make a long story short, I toasted the bottoms of my feet. Ouch! Think I burned ’em, but it’s not so bad now. Still kinda hurts to walk, though…

You don’t care, do you?

Oh, yeah. Check out my new poll –>


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