Unforseen Consequences


Somehow, the comment forum for my last post got turned into a debate over gun control. I figured my comment on Sam’s blog might lead to some banter, but I didn’t intend for an all-out debate. But let’s put that little incident behind us.

I had a really great story that I posted a while back that I just got the urge to post, but since it was saved on my old computer, it’s gone forever. I was in a depressed mood when I wrote it, so it’s something of a tearjerker. I didn’t recognize the similarities to the film Love Story until about a week after I wrote it.

Actually, there is one thing I have not tried to revitalize my dead computer. I’ll give that a try soon and let you know how it turns out. And who knows; if my idea works, there just might be a whole lot of stories that get posted…


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