Back In The Saddle

You should be pleased to know that I have resumed work on Codename: White Knight and The Hitman Chronicles. I don’t have any new chapters today, but rest assured that they will be completed and posted very soon.

I know few (if any) of you actually care, but having re-accessed my resources and capabilities, I have decided that I will not be purchasing that airsoft sniper rifle after all. Simply put, I have nowhere I can shoot it. Our property is bordered on all sides by families with young children, meaning I can’t take it in the back yard, and my basement isn’t long enough (or clean enough) to use as a shooting range. So that means I’ll have to go with a pistol. Fortunately, I’ve already decided which one:

Meet the Desert Eagle. Some of you might recognize this from The Matrix Trilogy as Agent Smith’s weapon of choice. This airsoft pistol is, in a word, sweet. I could go on and on decribing its specs and specifics, but I doubt you’d care. Now, the only choice is this, normal (above) or chrome…


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