Something’s Different…

Having grown bored with my blog’s original color scheme, I decided to mess around with it a little bit (no duh).

Now that I’m finished, I realize that the color scheme reminds me somehow of blue jeans. I like blue jeans; I almost always wear them all of the time.

I hope that last sentence made sense to you, because having written it, I’m now kinda confused.

I’m gonna start writing Star Wars: The Few and The Proud soon. Two sort-of major changes:

  1. The story starts off with rising tensions between China and Taiwan, not Iran and Iraq
  2. The pilot the Marines get sent in to rescue is a fellow Marine rather than Air Force (the Marines have their own F/A-18 Hornet and AV-8B Harrier squadrons).

That’s all for now.

Wait, no it isn’t. I have an interview for an internship tomorrow. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I’ve played around with the coloring some more in an effort to make the new layout more eye-friendly. Let me know if this is better.

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