Holy Crap! I Want One Of Those!

No Chapter 3 today (not that anyone seems to care). Moving on…

You are not going to believe what I found while surfing the web last night: a shop that designs and builds custom lightsabers.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The shop is called Random Sabers and was originally started by a group of friends that had ideas for their own custom lightsaber designs and wanted to make them for-real. They now offer over 400 different designs and also custom-build sabers based on designs sent in by customers. They also offer several different “levels,” if you will, of sabers, ranging from relatively plain stunt hilts for $50 to intricately-detailed electronic sabers with LED or Electro-Luminescent blades costing upwards of $300. They even name the designs for you (if you haven’t done so already). Realistically, the only limit to what these guys will make is your imagination: they can tailor a design to fit almost any budget. (Obviously, there’s no way they can make an EL Saber for $50, the electronic components alone cost more than that). Plus, they offer a variety of different blade colors and styles as well as several different belt clips and display stands.

The only think that really stinks-and this has nothing to do with Random Sabers-is that I had created about 2 dozen different designs of my own a long time ago, but since they were saved in a PowerPoint on my old PC (which is now dead), they’re gone forever! And I just received a large amount of money (well, not really; I finally cashed the checks I got for Christmas and Birthday). Actually, I may still have them, it depends on if I made the designs before I backed up my hard drive. I’ll have to check, hang on…

*some time passes while Jedi_Raptor07 searches his bedroom for the correct CDs*

Hmm… The CD Drive on this computer is making weird noises. I’ll hafta tell Dad…

*more time passes while Jedi_Raptor07 explores the contents of the first CD*

Wrong Disc, hang on a minute…

*Even more time passes as Jedi_Raptor07 switches CDs and checks the second one*

YES!!! THEY LIVE! Or at least some of ’em do. Let me see…

*Still more time passes yadda yadda Jedi_raptor yadda yadda sees if they’re really there*

Okay, good news, most of my designs are intact. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one(s) I want to submit to Random Saber. Or else I can just ask ’em to remachine one of their old designs…

So this also solves the problem of where nerdjedi and I are gonna find lightsabers for our Star Wars/Doctor Who movie. YAY! Now we just need a location, a TARDIS, some costumes and, most importantly, a budget. Wait-didn’t he just say he just got a lot of money? Yes, I did, but since this film is a joint project, i.e. the brainchild of two people, I shouldn’t have to finance the whole thing. Unless, of course, nerdjedi and whoever he happens to bring on board agree to give me complete creative control over the film, which isn’t going to happen in a million years.

But regardless of whether or not the SW/Dr. Who project gets off the ground (sadly but realistically, it probably won’t) I’ll most likely order one regardless, be it one of Random Saber’s previous models or one of my own designs.

I know, you’re asking yourself why I’d ever consider dropping $100 or so on a fake lightsaber. It’s a lightsaber. I’m a Star Wars fanatic. Do I need another reason. Plus, by buying a lightsaber instead of an airsoft rifle (by “instead,” I mean “before”), my parent’s can’t argue that I have nowhere to use it and I might accidentally shoot the kids next door. I mean really, how can you shoot someone with a lightsaber?

If you have even a modicum of interest in Star Wars or have a taste for art, particuarly sculpture, I encourage you to check out Random Saber’s Saber Gallery. 400+ original saber designs. ‘Nuff said.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lightsaber that needs designing. Later!


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